Practical examples

Projects that speak for themselves.
And for us.

If we had to summarise our work after over 15 years, it would be as follows: Every new project always means a whole new approach. And that is exactly what our clients appreciate about us. We really roll up our sleeves and get down to work on every project. We question and scrutinise everything, persistently and in detail. That is the only way we can find solutions that really bring you forward. And besides – you have surely spent many hours, days or weeks focusing on your project. We recognise the work you have done to date with creativity and stubbornness.

Selected R&A projects

  • Re-organisation of all central and operative areas, including the management model for a municipal real estate corporation (€ 300 mill. turnover, approx. 60,000 units in portfolio)
  • Effective purchasing strategy and organisation with savings effects of 10% for stock exchange-listed real estate corporation (€ 600 mill. turnover, 100,000 units in portfolio)
  • Strategic inventory development (portfolio analysis and target portfolio orientation) for a municipal housing association (€ 70 mill. turnover, approx. 12,000 units in portfolio)
  • Result-oriented company and divisional controlling (management approach and implementation of reporting) for a municipal real estate company (€ 35 mill. turnover, approx. 6,000 units in portfolio)
  • Introduced committee management (process and instruments for supervisory board and works council) for state-owned real estate company (€ 300 mill. turnover, 59,000 units in portfolio)
  • Concept and implementation of a client-oriented service centre organisation for a medium-sized housing association (€ 120 mill. turnover, 17,000 units in portfolio)
  • Strategic bank orientation with target-focused re-organisation of all operative business segments and central departments for northern German development bank (balance sheet total € 5 bill.)
  • Development and implementation of product concept for one of the largest German development banks (balance sheet total € 150 bill.)
  • Feasibility study for bank-wide efficiency programme at an eastern German development bank (balance sheet total € 12 bill.)
  • Result-oriented management team development for an eastern German development institute (balance sheet total € 2 bill.)
  • Optimised asset management for the German real estate assets of an international financial service provider (balance sheet total € 360 bill.)
  • Organisational optimisation of a central service area including a management model for a northern German municipal organisation (approx. 2700 employees)
  • Strategic company orientation with result-oriented structural and workflow organisation for northern German state company (approx. 250 employees, € 100 mill. annual revenue)
  • Introduction of a target-oriented administrative management with departmental controlling for the municipal administration of a major western German city (budget € 1 bill.)
  • Reorganisation and structuring of private sector structure and deficit reduction for a spa city (budget relieve € 1.5 mill. p.a.)
  • Implementation of an innovative service centre organisation for a southern German district administration (approx. 200,000 residents)

Client testimonials

Mr Dietmar Jonscher, Mr Steffan Liebscher, Managing Directors GEWOBA Nord Baugenossenschaft eG
“A positive cooperation is based on trust, openness and the results achieved. If these aspects are covered, long-term cooperation can be the key to exponential company growth. We can look back on over 16 years.”

Mr Frank Stücker, Head of Property Management at wbg Nürnberg
“R&A projects always incorporate the team, without fear of being straightforward, and never lose sight of the best solution for the organisation as a whole.”

Mr Hendrik Jellema, CEO of the Stiftung Berliner Leben Foundation
“R&A combines profound operative expertise with a strategic focus. They always succeeded in ensuring that all stakeholders – from clerks to the supervisory board – delivered their contributions to reaching the target.”

Dr Sabine Johannsen, Managing Director at the Investment and Development Bank of Lower Saxony, NBank:
“R&A does not leave right after the PowerPoint presentation, they stay until mutual success is guaranteed.”

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